Project Director

My Story

Aurélie Dubois is a versatile independent business management consultant, specializing in the small business services sector. She has been active in the fields of education, fitness training, management, logistics, fashion, IT, healthcare and finance for over 18 years. Before moving to the Chicago Metropolitan area from Paris France, Aurélie previously served as a production coordinator for a Famous French Fashion Brand. In this capacity, she managed collections, production and delivery negotiations for the entire men’s cut and sew line. More so, as a Junior Accountant, she prepared and reviewed international insurance loss claims and analyzed financial documentation, as well as facilitated processes that helped people draw strength from within despite their unique challenges in order to develop social-emotional and cognitive health and wellbeing.

Over the years, she has built credibility through hard work, resilience, and discipline in ensuring not only the efficiency of organizational procedures but also strengthening academic and business institutions. She is a multilinguist who speaks French, English, Spanish Languages and is honing her skills in Mandarin Chinese. Aurélie has a GMAT from Southern Illinois University and a Master (B.T.S. Action & Communication Commerciales) in Marketing Techniques from (Institut Charles de Foucault, Paris France) as well as a Bachelor degree in marketing sciences from (Institut Petrelle, Paris France). She believes that proactivity and upgrading through lifetime learning are primordial in businesses and caregiving. To this end, she is always taking advantage of available opportunities to enhance her qualifications. While leveraging her multilingual and cross-cultural skills coupled with her dynamic experience in diverse sectors, she serves as a fitness enthusiast and never miss her daily workout to keep her focus sharp, mind healthy by practicing yoga and meditation. She also enjoys nature, reading and actively participates in mentoring the younger generation through a Foundation. Aurélie is also actively involved in volunteering and supporting young entrepreneurship while spending time with her loving and supportive teenage daughter. With her multifaceted skill set, she created Dubois Business Strategies to assist other business owners with their own strategies to expand their businesses and customer base. Aurélie is the go-to super strategist and project director, when requiring efficient and resourceful assistance to facilitate business development.